Quezon City- The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) announced that it will register around 100, 000 households for its flagship program, the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

4Ps is a program of the national government that promotes behavioural change among poor households thereby investing in their health, nutrition and education for an improved well-being. 

4Ps household beneficiaries are entitled to receive cash subsidies provided that the conditions on health, nutrition and education are followed. This will foster necessary behaviour for parents to adequately perform the duties and responsibilities, particularly in investing in their children’s future.

Starting this September, the DSWD will start the validation process of the potential beneficiaries. In an advisory released by the agency, an initial list of potential beneficiaries will come from the Department’s database, the Listahanan 2. Only households with children aged 18 and below or have pregnant members shall be included in the potential list.

The DSWD through its Field Offices will start posting the initial list in places where it can be easily seen by the public. The Department said that by posting their names, they will enjoin validation from the community members.

The validation process can be done either through a community assembly or house-to-house visit. DSWD said that with the country still being placed under community quarantines, validation and registration will continue to follow the minimum health standards such as wearing face masks and shields as well as hand sanitizers in areas where it is feasible to hold community assembly.

4Ps was launched in 2007 covering 300,000 in its pilot run. It has massively scaled up, reaching 4.4 million households in 2013. Since then, no additional beneficiaries were registered in the program. 

After more than one decade, the program was institutionalized by virtue of a Republic Act.  ###