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Grievance Intake and Response

Intake and response refers to the recording of a grievance and providing the client an initial response, which usually involves an explanation about how the grievance will be processed by the DSWD and other actors.

As a general rule, anyone may accept a grievance but only the City/Municipal Link and grievance officers may ascertain its validity and thereafter intake the grievance. To ‘accept’ a grievance is to receive the transaction but to ‘intake’ is to record the transaction in a grievance form after ascertaining its validity. Intake and response require technical know-how about the GRS, particularly on the procedures in resolving the specific types and subtypes of grievances.

Approval Request for the Approval of the Declaration of Force Majeure / State of Calamity

This section describes approval process for the Request for the Declaration of FM/state calamity , which is accordance with  approved 4Ps IRR stipulated in    Rule VIII, Section 15 which states ” Any of all the conditions for entitlement may be suspended by the DSWD Secretary during times of calamity, war and armed conflicts and force majeure situations in accordance with relevant laws and DSWD guidelines, In such cases , full compliance to such conditions are deemed waived and payments to beneficiaries shall be granted in full.”