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Non-beneficiaries and beneficiaries of the program  may visit the Tanggapan ng Reklamo to file their  complaints or grievances about the implementation  of the program.

Request for information materials

For further dissemination of information, students,  researchers, organizations, media, and other DSWD  OBSUs may request for printing and/or sending of soft  copies of information materials from the Social Marketing Division for general details about the program.

Request for Pantawid Data or Research

The Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Division – Research and Statistics Units facilitate all data/research requests from different stakeholders, both internally and externally. This include the following requests:

• Request for administrative data (regular reports / statistical data previously approved, copies of published researches;

• Request for administrative data (statistical data – multivariate, time series), request for interview (beneficiaries, Program staff) as research activity;

• Request for administrative data (personal information,  statistical data – multivariate, time series, name matching); and 

• Data Request requiring MOA

Request/s and/or Recommendations for Program Inclusion

Referrals, recommendation and request for inclusion in the program

Processing of Beneficiary Update Requests (TOR, Reactivation, Change of Head)

The Modified Conditional Cash Transfer Division facilitates specific beneficiary update requests from the regions requiring NPMO account access such as Transfer of Residence (TOR), Reactivation of Households and Change of Head.