Grievance Redress System

The Grievance Redress System aims to capture and resolve grievances effectively and expeditiously in a transparent manner.  It is intended to serve as a reference for the beneficiaries and the general public who wish to submit complaints and expect their concerns to be responded to, and a general guide for program staff on how to handle and resolve the grievances that will invariably emerge.  It also seeks to obtain data on program vulnerabilities with the effect of making refinements where necessary in program implementation.

What are the common problems encountered in Pantawid Pamilya?

  • Reduced or non-receipt of cash grants
  • Beneficiary involved in gambling, alcoholism, and pawning of cash cards
  • Beneficiary with regular income, ownership of properties and with family members working abroad
  • Household requesting for inclusion in the program

How to report these concerns?​

Step 1: Take time to coordinate with the City/Municipal Link or visit the nearest Pantawid Pamilya Office

Step 2: Ensure to accomplish and provide a detailed information regarding your concern/complant in the GRS Form duly assisted by the City /Municipal Link or any staff present in the area

Step 3: Ensure to secure the acknowledgement slip from the filed GRS form

Step 4: If necessary, submit the needed documents and secure a receiving copy of the documents submitted

How are these concerns addressed?

  1. The City/Municipal Link / Grievance Officer will record the complaint
  2. The concerned Pantawid staff will verify the household in the Pantawid records and/or will visit complainant to conduct further validation about the complaint.
  3. The concerned staff will analyze and provide recommendation on the case.
  4. The Pantawid staff will provide appropriate resolution based on validation results and existing guidelines.
  5. The City/Municipal Link will share relevant updates to the complainant, defendant and other concerned agencies.

 Download Grievance Forms here: English / Filipino

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How can we help?

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment. If possible, kindly specify details of the complaint/s (e.g. what, where, when, who, etc.).

You may also reach us through:

DSWD[space]4PS[space]NAME[space]Message  (for non-beneficiaries) or 4PS[space]HHID[space]NAME[space]Message (for Pantawid beneficiaries) to 0918-912-2813

(02) 952-6929