Beneficiary Data Management

The Beneficiary Data Management System (BDMS) is the system which tracks the changes in the data or status of the beneficiaries while under the program and serves as basis in determining the eligibilityof the household in the program. It is also responsible for ensuring that the data of the Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries are valid and updated which is the basis for compliance of the beneficiaries of the program.

The objective of the system is to:     

  1. Validate and verify the identity of the eligible households;
  2. Select the household grantee and children for education monitoring; and
  3. Record the information of the beneficiaries and reflect the updated data in the Pantawid Pamilya Information System (PPIS).

The BDMS operates with three components:

  1. Beneficiary Registration – the process wherein the identified eligible households are validated and registered into the Program through the conduct of the Community Assembly or house-to-house validation.
  1. Beneficiary Updating – the process of capturing and recording the changes in the profile of a household or any of its members. It aims to have a more accurate and updated data in the Pantawid Pamilya Information System for use in the monitoring of compliance.
  1. Beneficiary Status Management – Beneficiary Status Management is the process of ensuring the integrity of the list of the household beneficiaries monitored by the program. This determines the eligibility of the households and/or household members and monitors the changes that happen to the data of the households while in the program, which are discussed in Chapter 5.

The process also includes reactivation of the deactivated households after validating them as still eligible to receive grants.