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Written by Rosianette Cadayong, Information Officer II, Field Office VIII   
Friday, 11 June 2010 02:02

Mano Sid smiles as he delightfully converses with a fellow Municipal Link during a staff meeting.Las Navas, Northern Samar -- Despite the demanding responsibility of a Municipal Link, Mang Isidro Dineros better known as Mano Sid in his hometown of Las Navas, Northern Samar, enjoys serving his community.  “Words of gratitude, faces of contentment and laughter are more than enough to keep me going and doing what 4Ps has taught me to do best – to help poor people live better lives”, happily disclosed Mano Sid.

“4Ps gives emphasis to Filipino families who are deprived of access to quality education and improved health. I have seen right before my eyes how the cash grantees have suffered so much because of poverty – badly-constructed huts with lines of sun peeping trench the nipa ceiling; old, tattered clothes; and pale young children with eyes pleading for help. If I have been someone powerful, I could have lifted them up from the hardships that they are experiencing,” added Mano Sid.
Mano Sid is proud to be ML because it has made him as instrument of change in their community. He has witnessed how 4Ps helps improve the lives of the people in Las Navas. From the neat uniforms to new school supplies, Mano Sid could only be enthusiastic to see the pupils walking happily to school. The more happiness he sees to the people he has helped the more determination he gives to his work.

In spite of the rough and rocky paths that connect the barangays to the town, Mano Sid still enthusiastically carries out activities in the far-flung areas. Holding family development sessions with parent-beneficiaries has even made him steps closer to the hearts of the people. For the 3, 156 4Ps beneficiaries in Las Navas, Mano Sid has been diligently performing his tasks and would even find time to chat and laugh with them after their meetings and sessions.

“My job requires me to regularly monitor the compliance of the 3, 156 beneficiaries to the 4Ps conditions. One could only imagine the load of work I have to ensure so that all the concerns of the beneficiaries on the program are attended to. What constantly pushes me to persistently serve the less fortunate is seeing how my work helps improve their lives,” further stipulated Mano Sid.

Moreover, Mano Sid encourages the beneficiaries to initiate activities which they think would contribute to community development such as participation in clean and green projects which include cultivation of community gardens, dredging of canals and coastal clean-ups. These participatory activities that are done voluntarily by beneficiaries harness camaraderie and responsibility among the members.  

“For more than a year now, all concerns on 4Ps in the municipality have been entrusted in my hands. Yet, it was a challenge worth taking, especially that behind me is a very supportive team and partner agencies ready to lend a hand. As long as I see those happy faces of parents, the hopeful eyes of children going to school, the healthy babies carried by their mothers in health centers and a community unified in principle and goal for progress, I will never feel tired of giving the best I can for this job. I may rest, but, definitely, I would never raise the white flag until due time,” Mano Sid articulated.

The Municipal Links of 4Ps serve as the link between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Local Government Units (LGU). They are in-charge of the over-all supervision in the program implementation in municipalities, in coordination with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO), and community facilities, like schools and health centers. They monitor compliance and grievances of all stakeholders in the program. Similarly, they provide training and capability building activities to beneficiaries.

Mano Sid commits himself to the program, not because he is being paid for it, but because of his unwavering belief on the program’s goals and gains. The fulfillment, joy and satisfaction at work are priceless possessions that an employee could get from a tough job, and Mano Sid sums up his ecstatic achievement by saying, “Salamat, 4Ps.” ### (4Ps Social Marketing Unit)
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